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The Breast Cancer Institute of Edinburgh
at the Western General Hospital

A charitable fund held by NHS Lothian Charity to support education, equipment and research and to enhance and improve the patient environment and experience within the Edinburgh Breast Unit in addition to that already provided by NHS Lothian.
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Find out more about the Breast Cancer Institute

Find out more about the work of the Breast Cancer Institute and how you can support our mission.

Thanks to your generous donations, we can continue to take forward research and projects that have the potential to change and save lives.

Current Fundraising Initiatives at the BCI

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Support the Breast Cancer Institute Today

To give £5 right now
BCI to 70085
This costs £5 plus a standard rate message

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Project Highlights

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Clinical Trials

Find out more about the clinical trials supported by the BCI

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Lab Research

Find out more about the lab research supported by the BCI

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Find out more about the academic fellowships supported by the BCI

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Thank you for visiting the BCI

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